Pug Dog Breed – Our Beloved Pug

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Pug Dog

The pug is a small, lively dog, full of energy and with a very special character.

About Pug Dog – At A Glance

The pug is a small breed of dog that comes from China and belongs to the group of society and companion dogs.
 25-30 cm
 6 – 9 kg
 12-15 years
Black, silver gray, beige
Short, smooth, soft, shiny
Happy, lively, brave
Low to medium
Pug (Latin “fist”)

Pug Dog Breed Description

We love this sentence: A life without pugs is possible, but pointless.  With this, pug will give us a lot of joy in life.  The pug is a fashion dog, which leads to problems with the small, compact dogs.  The outbred, short snout causes breathing difficulties, which is why you should pay attention to its state of health when choosing an animal.

Pug Dog – Character and Essence

If you ask a pug owner about the typical characteristics of his dog, one answer is seldom missing: charm!  But happiness, liveliness and attachment are also often mentioned.  The pug doesn’t find it funny at all when he has to stay home alone.  He much prefers to accompany his owner wherever he goes.  And that rarely causes problems, after all, he is not only a manageable size, but also quite sociable and generally one of the quiet dog breeds. 

Accordingly, the pug is also suitable for beginners. If he does something, he reaches for his special weapon: tilt his head slightly and look at you with wide eyes. Then scurry around happily around Mum as if nothing had happened – and the anger is forgotten. The pug is just a little surprise package, which is why people like to say: “A lot of dog in a small body”.

Pug Dog Breed – Origin and History

The pug probably comes from China. Because of his flat face, he was – like the Shih Tzu and the Pekingese – highly valued there. For a long time it was a privilege of the emperor to be able to own and touch it. It was not until the 15th century that first evidence was found that it was imported to Europe by business people. Here, too, he was not an “everyday dog”, but only associated with the nobility. It was so popular that it was not infrequently immortalized in paintings. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that its popularity suddenly declined.

Wilhelm Busch scoffed at him for degenerating into a fat, lazy dog. Not much would have been missing and the breed would have ended, but Lord and Lady Willoughby took care of them and began to breed consistently. However, the trend was towards an ever flatter nose, which is still responsible today for the fact that many animals do not have easy breathing. To counteract this, the breed standard for the pug was changed in 2010 : exaggerations regarding the nose and eyes have been rated negatively since then!

Retro Pug & Mini Pug

Not all pugs are created equal. Due to health problems (with regard to breathing, teeth and eyes), individual breeders began to breed the pug again in the form it was in the 60s through selective selection as early as the 1990s. So with a longer nose, slightly protruding jawbone and high-legged. The so-called Old German Pug is not a new breed, but only a targeted selection of dogs used for breeding.

It is a little different with the retro pug. Here you go a step further and occasionally crossbreed with another breed. The decision was made for the Parson Russel Terrier, which has a great diversity of genes. In addition, his breeding goal has always been less about appearance and more about fitness for work. Accordingly, the focus is on the health of the breed.

You can’t necessarily say that with so-called mini-pugs only refers to pugs that remain relatively small. One should be aware that this also increases the risk of hereditary diseases!


Pug Dog Breed - Care

Although a pug has a short coat and is therefore quite easy to care for, short hair should not be underestimated. Removing them on carpets and clothing is easy to despair.  Therefore, regular brushing with a knobbed glove or a soft brush is recommended - especially during the coat change, when a pug also sheds a lot!

Wrinkles on the head should always be observed to ensure that they are clean and dry. The eyes should also be examined. You can tear easily and be soiled with a secretion. If they are clearly reddened, a veterinarian should be consulted.

Tip: You can find more information about caring for your dog in our article on proper dog care.

Diet For The Pug

Both the pug and the French bulldog like to move around, but they are not sports enthusiasts. Their short legs must support a fairly compact body. Obesity should be avoided at all costs!  Adjust the amount of food to the activity level of your dog!  In order to provide you with detailed information about the nutrition of dogs, you will find a large number of specialist articles:

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