Best Brushes for Golden Retrievers

Use these best brushes for golden retrievers to comb through the fur of your preferred four-legged friend!

The Golden Retriever Brush Buying Guide

Every owner of a golden retriever is aware of one thing: frequently, their best friend’s fur sticks to them more than their actual dog does! Maintaining your friend’s appearance can feel like a full-time job with the double coat and yearly hair loss. 

Every dog needs regular grooming, but dogs with double coats like golden retrievers require it much more.

With a double coat, a dog has a thick layer of fuzz underneath their outwardly visible top coat. The double coat protects delicate skin by keeping it dry and clean, but when the undercoat accumulates loose hairs, it can irritate your dog’s skin and lead to matting.

Most golden retrievers nevertheless manage to get dirt and other debris from their escapades embedded in their fur despite having a double coat.

In order to rid your dog of annoying fur mats and other debris, brushing will help draw dead hairs and trapped particles of dirt through the outer coat and off of them. Regular brushing also helps keep that golden fur (little) less loose in your house, on your furniture, and on your clothes.

Choosing the right brush for your dog might be difficult given the variety of alternatives available. We’ll go over a few different types of best brushes for golden retrievers and recommend our favorites for keeping your golden retriever’s coat in good condition in between grooming appointments.

Types of Brushes

A slicker brush is the ideal kind of brush for a golden retriever. Wire bristles pointing in different directions are used in slicker brushes to capture and remove mats, tangled debris, and loose hairs. Although these brushes typically have little rubber ends over the wire tips to prevent injury to your dog when brushing, you should still be careful not to pull or brush too vigorously.

Another great tool for grooming a golden retriever is a pin brush. These brushes resemble hair brushes that individuals use on a daily basis. A pin brush works well to remove the adventure medals your golden keeps in his fur, but it won’t remove mats or heavy dead fur as effectively as a slicker brush.

Your dog’s exterior coat will look clean and fresh if you pin brush it frequently to keep dirt out. The last kind of brush you should think about is a tool known as an undercoat rake. These steel combs are designed specifically to remove all the dust and dead hair from dogs with undercoats.

Regardless of the type of brush you choose to use, your dog probably won’t require daily brushing, but you should still make an effort to do so to maintain the health of their coat in between appointments with a professional groomer.

Let’s get right to our list of the best brushes for golden retrievers!

Best Brushes for Golden Retrievers

1. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

One of the best-selling dog grooming products on the market is the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. Any type of coat can benefit from it, and it works wonders to untangle your dog’s fur straight after a bath.

Even the thickest coats are almost readily cut through by the fine, angled bristles, which also remove stray undercoat hair to provide a smooth coat that nearly looks professionally styled. Tiny rubber beads have been added to the bristle tips to make them more comfortable and calming for your golden.

Especially if you need to groom your dog for a prolonged duration, the ergonomic handle’s rubber-coated grip makes it simple to grasp onto the brush. The brush weighs just a little bit more than three ounces, making it also lightweight.

The self-cleaning function is by far our favorite aspect of this brush. The bristles retract and press the fur onto the brush’s tip for simple removal when the button on top of the brush head is pushed.

With the help of this well-known de-shedding gadget, you can gather all of your golden retriever’s fur in one location rather of having it end up all over your house and your favorite clothing.

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is definitely one of the best brushes for golden retrievers in terms of convenience of use, cleaning, and storage, but it’s not the only excellent choice.

2. Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush

This one resembles a gardening equipment more so than a premium pet brush, but we can assure you that it works excellent as an undercoat rake. A de-matting tool of professional-grade is the Maxpower Grooming Brush.

The tool’s de-matting side, which has nine teeth, is ideal for removing mats and dead fur that have been deeply embedded in the undercoat. These are the mats that need to be removed immediately because if they are not, your dog will begin to experience severe discomfort.

A mat must be cut out if it becomes too large. It would be like attempting to comb out a bit of gum that got trapped at the base of your scalp. Fortunately, your golden retriever won’t notice much of a difference in the texture of his coat, but the mat won’t spread very far with this instrument.

Turn the brush to the side with the 17 teeth for de-shedding once all the matted furs have been taken out. Before they can coil up into a nightmare-inducing mass, this side of the comb will brush away all of the dead and loose furs.

This brush’s ergonomic rubber handle makes it as comfortable to use as the Hertzko. In order to comb through the dense undercoat furs without slipping and unintentionally injuring your pet, any brush you use must feel sturdy and stable in your hand.

Although the teeth of this undercoat rake appear to be sharp and painful, they are rounded off at the end to protect your dog’s skin. Dead hair and mats can be removed quickly and safely, though you should still brush gently and watch out for using too much effort.

The only significant drawback is that the dead furs that were combed out occasionally wrap around the teeth and are a bit challenging to remove. Although there isn’t a self-cleaning feature, you shouldn’t let that deter you from choosing this otherwise top-notch instrument.

One final point: the Maxpower rake comes in seven different colors, which is a pleasant touch but does not change how it functions.

3. FURminator Grooming Rake

The FURminator would win if there were a prize for the pet grooming product with the best name. Seriously, try to pronounce this without sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The FURminator, a grooming rake with a more conventional appearance, features rounded metal teeth that will cut through tangles and loose fur in undercoats with thick and dense undercoats. The FURminator can become your new best buddy if your golden has a thicker coat or sheds excessively.

For dogs that shed a lot, this rake is excellent for usage every other day or even every day. During grooming sessions, the soft-tipped bristles won’t irritate your golden retriever’s skin, and the soft rubber handle won’t irritate your hand.

To further facilitate gripping, the rubber handle incorporates a finger ridge. This brush has some of the best hand control of any grooming equipment on the market and is one of the easiest to use.

Cleaning is almost as easy as with the Hertzko Self-Cleaner, but without the true self-cleaning feature, as the metal teeth are pointed straight and less likely to tangle in thick, loose fur.

The only real downside to using this brush is that you sometimes have to combine it with another detangling tool to get rid of stubborn clumps of fur. It’s a fantastic daily brush for avoiding heavy tangles, but if there are stubborn hairs, the FURminator may need some help.

4. Paw Brothers Slicker Grooming Brush

The Paw Brothers slicker grooming brush, which has a traditional soft slicker brush style, features extra-long pins that enable it to penetrate the thick golden retriever coat more thoroughly than some of the less expensive brushes available. When compared to a comb with perfectly straight teeth, this one’s corners are rounded so they won’t irritate your dog’s skin and they can grab at large clumps of fur more easily.

This brush has a plastic grip with a rubber core. While we appreciate that the rubber center features tiny beads that massage your hand as you groom your golden, we do wish that the entire object was covered in rubber to make it easier to hold onto and handle.

The extra-long pins, which distinguish the Paw Brothers brush from others, are its main advantage. It’s ideal for large dogs with thick double coats like the golden retriever, but we wouldn’t use it on a smaller breed because it would defeat the point of the longer bristles.

This is a terrific all-in-one solution for de-matting and grooming if you only have Golden Retrievers in your home. But if you also have smaller dogs, you might want to skip getting another brush so you can use it on all of your pets.

If you need to purchase additional brushes to use with it, you shouldn’t choose this brush because it is one of the more expensive options on our list. But the extra-long comb pins are truly difficult to beat if your house is filled with Golden retrievers or other huge breeds.

5. The Pet Portal Self Cleaning Dog Brush

The second self-cleaning choice on our list is the Pet Portal self-cleaning dog brush. This one stands out since Pet Portal offers two sizes, so if your golden retriever is on the smaller side, this might be ideal for your dog.

The golden retriever’s coat may be effectively brushed with the five and 3/4-inch pins since they are the perfect size, and like the other brushes on our list, the ends of the pins are rounded off to prevent any discomfort for your pet. Additionally, this brush is almost entirely covered in rubber, making it incredibly simple and comfortable to use during protracted home grooming sessions.

The bristles retract and push all of the gathered furs to the top of the brush, just like the Hertzko, making them simple to remove. In general, self-cleaning brushes are simpler to use, but for extremely challenging fur mats, they won’t be as effective as an undercoat rake.

To possibly stop your golden retriever’s fuzz from ever becoming nearly so out of control, use these sleeker brushes. To completely deal with the thick mats once they start to form, you’ll need a rake or, in severe circumstances, scissors.

Best Brushes for Golden Retrievers: FAQ

Any of the slicker brushes will probably be a better option if they tend to shed more frequently; nevertheless, we think the Hertzko self-cleaning brush has the upper hand in this category.

If not specifically stated, the answers to the following questions apply to all of the products in this guide:

Does the grooming equipment harm my pet?

No, the edges of each tool are rounded or rubber-coated to lessen skin discomfort. However, you should still refrain from brushing too vigorously because you risk accidently yanking your dog’s fur.

Should I frequently give my dog a brush?

If your dog sheds a lot, at least once a week, but preferably more often.

Best Brushes for Golden Retrievers: Conclusion

It can be difficult to choose the best brush for a golden retriever. Goldens are a fun-loving animal that may be particularly challenging to keep clean because of their thick double coats and propensity to gather as much dirt as they do hair.

In order to keep your best friend’s coats looking gorgeous and shining in between grooming, we hope our recommended best brushes for golden retrievers will make self-grooming easier for you.


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