Large Dog Crates: Selection Guide for Your Furry Friend

Large Dog Crates: Picking a crate for your big dog can be a surprising maze. This guide cuts through the confusion. We’ll break down the different crate styles and how to measure your dog for the right fit, and explore comfy, long-lasting options that’ll make your furry pal content. No more white-knuckled car trips or vet visits filled with resistance – a travel crate can be a stress-free solution. It’s a happy ending for both of you. Find the ideal crate and enjoy walks with a well-rested, confident pup by your side. Even the mailman won’t faze them anymore.

Types of Large Dog Crates

Large dog crates come in a surprising variety! Choose from airy wire crates for maximum ventilation or comfy den styles for a more cave-like experience. Find the perfect fit for your dog’s personality and your preferences. This isn’t just a crate, it’s a personalized sanctuary that reflects your pup’s one-of-a-kind charm. Forget boring dog supplies and brighten your home with a crate that’s as functional as it is fashionable. After all, playtime is more fun when your dog feels safe and secure in their own special space.

1. Wire Large Dog Crates

Dog owners swear by wire crates for a reason. The ventilation and visibility they offer are a win-win for both the pet and the owner. Collapsible by design, these crates become space-saving champions when not in use, and their portability makes them perfect for on-the-go pups. Cleaning a wire crate is a breeze too – any accidents wash away with a quick hose down or wipe. But the biggest perk might be the feeling of openness they provide. Less like a cage and more like a secure space, wire crates can significantly reduce anxiety in dogs who don’t like feeling closed in.

2. Plastic Large Dog Crates

Finding the perfect crate size for your dog is key. Grab a measuring tape – you want your pup to have room to stretch out comfortably, but not so much space they feel lost. A crate should be a cozy den, a haven, not a prison cell. So measure carefully and create a comfy doggy retreat they’ll love.

3. Heavy-Duty Large Dog Crates

Heavy-duty crates are built for escape-prone pups and demolition experts. Constructed from tough guys like reinforced steel or aluminum, these crates can handle anything your dog throws at them – literally. Bending or breaking? Not a chance. Heavy-duty crates also come with locks and doors that would make Fort Knox jealous, so escape attempts are a guaranteed failure. If you’ve got a large or powerful breed that needs a little extra muscle in their confinement, these crates are the undisputed champions. They’ll keep your pup safe and secure, and maybe even a little surprised by their limitations.

Forget one-size-fits-all! Choosing the perfect crate hinges on your dog’s personality.  For your resident chewer, a heavy-duty crate transforms into a personal bank vault, keeping your dog safe and your furniture free from furry chompers.  Plastic crates, the undisputed champions of canine jet-setting, offer comfort and security on any travel adventure.  Wire crates bring the win with ventilation and visibility, creating a see-through sanctuary that calms even the most anxious of doggy hearts.  Pick a crate that matches your dog’s needs, and you’ve got a recipe for crate contentment.

Finding the perfect dog crate isn’t a guessing game. Imagine yourself as Goldilocks, but instead of porridge, you’re searching for the “just right” sized crate. Forget breed labels and weight limits – grab a tape measure and become your furry friend’s architect. Use height and length as measures to unlock crate comfort. With the right dimensions, your dog can stand tall without a hunch, turn around for a quick sniff, and sprawl out for a luxurious nap. No more cramped quarters, just pure doggy contentment.

Big dog, big responsibility, big crate choice!  Their comfort and safety depend on it. Don’t wing it – dig into your dog’s needs, their behaviors, and your lifestyle to pick the perfect large dog castle.


How to Choose the Right Size – Large Dog Crates

Sizing up your giant pup’s crate is key to creating contentment! Grab the measuring tape and find the golden ratio for your dog (height, length, and weight). A perfectly sized crate lets them stand tall, turn around with ease, and sprawl out in doggy bliss. Match crate to canine character: chewers get a bank-vault-like heavy-duty crate, travelholics love the mobile jet-setter plastic crate, and anxious pups find zen in a calming see-through wire crate. Remember, crates are cozy dens, not punishment zones, so supervise your furry friend and keep your crate time positive.

Measuring Your Dog

Before you shop for a large dog crate, grab those key measurements: height (floor to head), length (nose to tail), and weight. These golden numbers become your starting point to find the right size dog crate that unlocks doggy nirvana. A perfectly sized crate lets them stand tall, turn around with ease, and sprawl out in comfort – no cramped doggy quarters here!

Finding the Right Crate Size

Selecting the perfect large dog crate goes beyond just grabbing any box. Your dog needs room to stretch, stand tall, and unwind comfortably. These handy-sized charts from the crate maker itself become your good guide during this quest. Keep in mind that a cramped crate spells trouble for your pup – think discomfort and maybe even anxiety. So skip the tiny digs and find a comfy doghouse-sized haven for your dog.

Considering Growth and Preferences

Adjustable dividers in a crate are your saving grace! Puppies morph seemingly overnight, so this allows you to adjust the space as they grow. But don’t stop at size! Some pups love to curl up in a cozy den, while others prefer a room to sprawl out. Their body language is key – watch how they interact with different spaces to pick the perfect crate for their unique personality. This way, their crate becomes a comfy sanctuary they’ll truly love.

Consult With a Professional

If you’re still not sure about the right size for your large breed, professional dog trainers and vets are your canine compass! Breed, size, unique pup needs – they know it all. Personalized advice for a comfy, safe doggy den awaits! Golden opportunity to be an awesome pup parent – consult the pros and create their contentment!

Don’t just shove your dog into any old crate!  Size matters for their health and happiness.  Measure your pup carefully, then consider their personality.  A spacious crate that feels like a personal palace, not a cramped cage, goes a long way.

Crate Training for Your Large Dog

Forget the crate training issues with your big dog! Large dog crates can turn that crate into their canine castle. Spacious digs are a must–think roomy apartment, not a jail cell. Let your pup sprawl out in comfort. Toss in some plush bedding, a favorite squeaker toy, or maybe even a long-lasting chew. Positive reinforcement is your secret weapon. Short crates stay with treats and praise to build happy associations. Gradually extend their crate time, and before you know it, your giant cuddle monster will see their crate as a relaxing retreat, not a dreaded box.

1. Create a Positive Association

A positive crate experience is key! Let’s introduce your dog to their new den gradually.  Toss some yummy treats and their favorite toys inside the large dog crate.  This entices them to explore and confidently enter the crate on their terms.  When they do venture in, shower them with praise and maybe even a reward.  Crate time would be best!

2. Establish a Routine

Consistency is key when it comes to crate training.  Craft a schedule that your dog can rely on, with built-in potty breaks, mealtimes, and playtime sprinkled throughout the day.  Before asking him to chill in his large dog crate, make sure he has had ample opportunity to burn off energy and empty his bladder and bowels.  This will go a long way in preventing frustration and restlessness while he’s confined.

3. Make it Comfortable

Transform your crate into a doggy haven!  Add a plush blanket or comfy dog bed to create a sleep sanctuary.  If your furry friend enjoys shredding or swallowing things, skip the plush bedding and opt for a more durable alternative.  Their crate should feel like a cozy hangout, not a punishment zone.

4. Never Use the Crate for Punishment

Ditch the crate-as-punishment idea!  We want this to be a happy zone for your pup. Instead, focus on positive vibes.  When your dog gets a little rambunctious, redirect their attention with a fun game or praise them for good behavior with a yummy treat.  The crate should be a haven, not a timeout corner.

5. Gradual Increase in Time

Start slow with crate training. Short bursts at the beginning help your dog adjust, preventing overwhelm. Gradually extend the crate time as they become comfortable. Positive reinforcement is key! Praise and treats for a relaxed crate time will build a positive association with their cozy den.

Nail crate training for your big dog with these simple tricks!  Transform their crate into a doggie dreamland with comfy bedding and familiar toys.  Ditch the punishment vibes – this is their happy zone.  Start slow with short crate stints, gradually increasing the time as they adjust.  Patience and praise are your secret weapons.  Shower them with love and yummy treats as they relax quietly in their crate.  Soon enough, your furry friends will see their crate as a cozy sanctuary, not just a box.

Choosing the Right Size Crate

Key Features to Look For – Large Dog Crates


Don’t settle for flimsy! Quality crate withstands daily use by your furry friend. Look for brawny materials like metal or heavy-duty plastic. These tough guys hold up to even the strongest, biggest pups.


Security is another big one.  You want your dog to feel safe and secure inside, not plotting a daring escape.  Look for a crate with a reliable locking mechanism that won’t give way to curious paws.  Bonus points for crates with multiple locks or latches – extra peace of mind never hurts!

Size and Space

Ensure your dog’s crate has the right size and space!  Your dog needs space to move, but not a mansion.  The crate should be comfy, not cramped.  Think: stand tall, turn around, sprawl out.  But don’t go overboard – a huge crate might make potty training a nightmare.  It’s a cozy den, not a lonely ballroom – that’s the goal!


Don’t forget the fresh air!  Proper ventilation is key to keeping your pup cool and comfy, especially on hot days.  Look for crates with ventilation panels on the sides, back, and even the top.  Fresh air circulation makes for a happy camper.

Ease of Cleaning

Accidents are inevitable, so pick a crate that’s easy to clean.  A removable tray is a lifesaver, as are surfaces that wipe down easily.  No one wants a cleaning battle – quick and painless is the way to go! 

Canine companions come in all shapes and sizes, so pick a crate that reflects your dog’s style.  These features are on your roadmap, but remember that your furry friend’s comfort and safety reign supreme.  Find the perfect crate, and you’ve got a training HQ and a travel-ready chill zone – double win!

Top Brands and Models – Large Dog Crates

We pick the top large dog crate brands for you to unlock a world of comfort confinement. Discover robust options for maximum security or explore portable solutions for stress-free travel. Find the perfect fit, easy assembly, and features like ventilation to create a calm haven for your furry companion.

1. MidWest Homes for Pets offers sturdy, foldable crates – perfect for large dogs, travel, and storage.
2. Petmate‘s Ultra Vari Kennel is a heavy-duty plastic option, secure, durable, and airline-approved for flying companions.
3. Carlson Pet Products prioritizes safety with their Secure and Foldable Metal Dog Crate, featuring a single, secure-locking door.
4. ProSelect caters to powerful pups with the escape-proof Empire Dog Crate, built with heavy-duty steel.
5. Precision Pet Products offers both wire and plastic options in their Great Crate series for versatile pet owner needs.
6. Gelinzon, a rising brand, provides durable designs with their Heavy Duty Dog Crate, built with reinforced steel and a removable pan for easy cleaning.

Remember, the best fit depends on your dog! Research and choose a high-quality crate that prioritizes your furry friend’s comfort and safety.

Maintenance Tips for Large Dog Crates

Large dog crates need proper care to stay clean, secure, and comfy for your canine companion. Regular cleaning keeps the doggy den fresh, while inspections ensure no loose parts pose a threat. A comfy bed inside makes creating time a relaxing experience, and proper storage of food and water bowls keeps mealtimes mess-free. With a little TLC, your large dog’s crate can become their happy place for years to come.

Regular Cleaning

  • Address the toy mess first: Grab all the chew toys, plush beds, food bowls, and water bowls. Don’t worry about washing them yet – that can be a later adventure. (Finding a surprise sock in the mix is an extra challenge!)
  • Hold the disinfectant wipes: Your dog’s den deserves gentle care, just like your furniture. Mix warm water with a dash of dish soap, or grab a pet-safe cleaner. Now give the entire crate, inside and out, a thorough wipe down. Don’t forget the high-traffic areas like the doorway and tray – a little extra cleaning here keeps rust and grime at bay.
  • Enemy grime beware: Spot any stubborn dirt or gunk clinging to the crate? Not a problem. Grab a soft brush or sponge and gently buff those areas clean. Baking soda paste (mixed with a little water) works wonders on tougher messes. Remember to rinse everything well with clean water afterward – we don’t want any leftover soap or baking soda to irritate your pup’s sensitive nose.
  • Air dry: The crate needs to be completely dry before returning the bedding and toys. No one wants a damp doggy den, and mold hates fresh air anyway.

Inspecting for Damage

  • Safety first: Inspect the crate for loose parts before putting your pup back in. Regular checks ensure a secure haven. Tighten screws, fix latches, and adjust hinges as needed. A sturdy crate keeps your dog safe and comfy.
  • Create a security check: Like checking your bike before a ride, give the crate a once-over for any loose screws, dodgy latches, or wonky hinges. A quick tightening with a screwdriver (if needed) prevents future escape artistry (or major frustration for you!).
  • Canine demolition squad alert: Some furry friends see crates as chew toys. Inspect the entire crate, including the door, for any gnaw marks that could injure your pup. Damaged crates are escape hazards – repair or replace them if needed. Safety first, chew crew!
  • Don’t forget Fort Knox: The most important part is the door. Make sure the locks are closed properly and securely to keep your pup safe inside. A secure crate means peace of mind for you and a cozy den for your furry friend. If the locks seem loose or damaged, replace them immediately – no room for escape artists here!

Replacing Worn-Out Parts

Your pup’s crate is their sanctuary. Regular maintenance keeps it comfy and secure. Think of it as a room refresh!  Here’s what to check:

  • Cozy Corner: Replace a worn bed with a comfy, new one (washable for accidents!).
  • Wheely Good Time: Fix wobbly wheels for smooth rolling. Check wheels regularly to prevent rust and grime buildup.
  • Keeping It Shut: Replace loose locks/latches for a secure crate (check the door for chew marks too!).

Regular checks keep their crate comfy, secure, and a happy haven. They (and your ears) will thank you!

Traveling With a Large Dog Crate

Big dogs need special travel crates, for safety and comfort. Road trip, plane ride, or temporary chaos – this guide equips you for using a large dog crate for travel, from airline rules to canine contentment.

  • Check Airline Regulations: Airlines have unique rules for flying large dogs in crates. Sizes, materials, and paperwork all differ. Avoid barking at bad times! Contact your airline beforehand and follow their crate code for a perfect flight.
  • Choose the Right Size Crate: Big dog, big crate? Not quite! Your pup needs room to stand tall, turn freely, and sprawl out for naps, but not a mansion – too much space can be risky during bumps. Pick a travel crate sized just right for comfort and security.
  • Prioritize Safety: Sturdy crate, happy travels! Strong materials and escape-proof latches are your travel must-haves. Don’t forget ventilation – fresh air keeps your pup comfy during the whole trip.
  • Make it Comfortable: Cozy crate, happy dog! Soft bedding and favorite things turn the crate into a travel haven. Crate covers or blankets add a den-like feel, making your pup feel safe and secure.
  • Gradually Introduce the Crate: New crate, new worries? Train your dog beforehand! Gradually introduce the crate with treats and praise for calmness. Positive crate experiences mean a less stressed pup on travel days.
  • Pack Essentials: Pack smart for pup travel! Food, water, cherished toys, and any meds or paperwork – bring everything your dog needs to stay happy and healthy on the go.

Big crate, big fun! This guide prepares you for smooth crate travel with your large dog. Pick the right size, strong crate, and ventilation for air. Cozy bedding and favorite things make a happy haven. Train your pup beforehand, and pack smart – food, water, toys, meds – for a positive travel experience.

Conclusion – Large Dog Crates

Forget fancy crates and focus on comfort! This guide explores large dog crates’ types, sizes, training, and cleaning. Big crates are safe dens, fulfilling a dog’s need to burrow. Wires, plastics, and heavy-duty options exist – find the perfect fit! Measure your dog and add wiggle room for comfy naps.

Large dog crates aren’t just for housebreaking! They help with behavior, too, giving your dog a haven. When picking one, think tough – strong build, secure locks, and easy-clean trays. Match the crate to your dog’s size, personality, and needs. Happy pup, happy you!

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