The Microchip Revolution: A brief history

The Microchip Revolution: A brief history
Price: $9.99

Color: grey
Brand: Manruta

  • ADVICE : pls choose suitable size for your pets or animals , it is very important . 1.4X8mm microchip suitable for cats ,small puppies ,chicken, duck, owl . for big dogs ,1.4X8 mm and 2,12X12 mm both sizes are ok . 2.12X12mm size microchip , it is suitable for big dogs ,horse , cattles , sheeps, pigs, camels and other big animals , 1.25X7mm size for small fishes , mouses, hamsters, snakes,frog ,pigeon and other very small animals .
  • This order includes 20 packs,Each pack with animal glass tag 1.4X8 mm and syringe
  • Unique ID code in implant chip detects your pet only.can be read by all pet microchip readers, it comes with 6 barcode stickers for ID number. compliance with international ISO11784/11785 FDX-B standard, universal reader
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