Optixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes (50 count) 2 Pack

Optixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes (50 count) 2 Pack
Price: $18.75

Color: –
Model: AEGTSW100
Warranty: Angel’s Eyes Gentle Tear 100 Presoaked Textured Stain Wipes
Brand: OptixCare

  • Pre-moistened wipes help reduce tear stains and soften goo below your pal’s eyes.
  • Gentle cleaning action with no harsh chemicals, boric acid, peroxide, bleach, or antibiotics.
  • Formula has chamomile extract to soothe skin irritations that can cause excess tearing.
  • Perfect for everyday use to work on current stains and help prevent excess buildup.
  • Comes in a convenient, on-the-go friendly pack so you can take it anywhere.
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