Nutri-Vet Aspirin Chewables for Large Dogs, 75 Count – Pack of 2

Nutri-Vet Aspirin Chewables for Large Dogs, 75 Count – Pack of 2
Price: $19.90

Color: Original version
Model: 86336731
Warranty: Advantage Flea Control Green for dogs kills 98 of fleas within 12 hours and continues to work for up to one month per application. It also breaks the flea life cycle by killing flea larvae. Advantage can be used on puppies as young as 7 weeks old. Also, it is safe for dogs that are pregnant or nursing. Advantage is waterresistant, so it kills fleas even after shampooing and exposure to rain. Advantage is applied between the shoulder blades on dogs. Effective Flea Control . . .No Prescription Required Guaranteed US EPA approved. Contains imidacloprid, the fastest flea preventive, which works within 12 hours Longlasting OverTheCounter formula keeps working for up to 4 weeks Easysqueeze tube for easy application. Waterresistant formula stays strong through baths and rain Kills 98100 of the fleas on dogs within 12 hours One treatment prevents further flea infestation for at least four weeks Kills fleas before they lay eggs
Brand: Nutri-Vet

  • For temporary relief of pain and inflammation.
  • Contains 300 mg of Aspirin per tablet.
  • Great liver flavor!
  • Extra safety seal with a 1-Year Date Code Guarantee!
  • Made in the USA.
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